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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pink Floyd Guitar Hero/Rockband???

From this BBC article: [parentheses content added by me]

[Pink Floyd drummer Nick] Mason said that Pink Floyd has not ruled out working on a Rock Band or Guitar Hero-style game in the future.

"I think we'd consider it," he told the BBC. "I think everyone's looking at new ways of selling the music because the business of selling records has almost disappeared.

"I'm of the old guard who are really sad about that, because I always liked the concept of the album - rather than just cherry-picking tracks - and also the business of the art work that went with it."

I was JUST talking about this very idea the other day. Pink Floyd is my all-time favourite band.

But I don't really want to play a "Pink Floyd Rockband".

I've learned to play the actual songs on an ACTUAL guitar, and what thrills me is to play the music. I'm sure that it'd be kinda fun to play a Rockband/Guitar Hero version of them, maybe. I don't mind playing those games, though I don't love them.

But actually playing Gilmour's wailing guitar solos-- better yet, getting to improvise a bit within them-- now that's a thrill that no guitar controller can emulate, no matter how many buttons they add.

I'm not saying I'm anywhere near as good a guitarist as David Gilmour. It's not like I wrote/created the music, but my mistakes & idiosyncrasies in trying to play their music makes it a little bit "mine". How can people be content with just pressing buttons in time to music as opposed to actually PLAYING that music? Or at least trying.

I will concede that learning to play an instrument is much harder than just picking up a an instrument-shaped controller & having some fun for a few hours. Fair enough. If I really wanted to play a trumpet, I'd have to find a "Trumpet Hero" game since I have no experience with the actual instrument.

Whether I want it or not, it'll probably happen eventually. One thing Pink Floyd is not about is turning down money on the table. These games rake in so much $$$ that it's practically inevitable.


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