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Monday, February 16, 2009

PSP Griffin Road Dock + iTrip

I updated 2 of my 3 PSPs to firmware 5.03 so I can play LocoRoco 2.

The new background wave is pretty cool, it feels like a major change because the look of the main screen has been the same since the PSP first came out. It's weird how even though the colours are basically the same, because of the colour combos they look different. Red with the old wave background was just too strong to use, but now it's one of the best themes.

The other notable addition is the sleep timer when playing music. It can be set to turn the PSP into sleep mode from 30 mins-2 hours. I've been trying it out the last couple days... not the most useful feature ever, but it does have its uses.

My original PSP-1001 (PSP fat) sits in its Griffin Roaddock beside my bed. I got it awhile ago when it was on sale. The Roaddock has a strap that strings around shelf supports as in my pic... and I have another strapped to one of the lamps on my drawing table, so I can have easy access to my PSP tunes.

Because of the new sleep timer feature in fw 5.03, I clipped on my PSP iTrip FM transmitter, and have my PSP music play through my clock radio.... I set both the PSP & radio sleep timers... it's kinda cool.

I have a lot more accessories for my PSP-1001 than the PSP-2001s. Sony really screwed over third-party accessory makers when they launched the PSP-2000 without any notice, and then when they came out with the PSP-3000, they screwed all of us, but now the third parties know not to support anything PSP because who knows how long the base product will last before being replaced. (Apple teaches the same lesson to third parties with the iPod, but iPod is still so popular that third parties will risk getting burned)


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