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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CapDase Alumor metal PSP case review (w./pics)

:::Note: originally posted on the Playstation Underground PSP forum 01-04-2007:::

CapDase Alumor metal PSP (PSP-1000) case:

I got this awhile ago. There's a bunch of pictures of it *here*

The CapDase Alumor metal PSP case comes in 4 parts: a inner silicone/rubber case, an "unbreakable" clear screen protector, and anodized aluminum front & back plates.

The clear screen protector... Capdase claims that it's "unbreakable", and it does look fairly sturdy, but I won't put that claim to the test.

I've heard that it's prone to scratches. Mine looks great, but I haven't subjected the case to rough & tumble use yet.

There are 2 white strips that run across the top & bottom of the protector, they're cushions so that the protector is slightly raised over the PSP screen & not touching it. Nice, it prevents it from pushing dust against the screen & scratching it.

The silicone inner cover - I'm not a fan of silicone covers, they pick up hairs & lint like kaaaa-raaazy.... it's kinda gross. But as part of this case, the inner cover provides some soft support for the outer metal cover.

You slip it on inserting the PSP through the screen or UMD hole, even though it's smaller I find it easier to use the UMD hole, but I took an X-acto knife & cut part of the back of the cover to make it easier to put on/take off. I found it pretty hard to do that without cutting it.

Once it's on, you lay the screen protector over it, the white strips will be hidden by the metal plates.

The metal plates go over everything, leaving a few bits of the silicone exposed: a strip around the sides (makes a nice contrast) and most ports can be accessed: power, wi-fi switch, USB, mem stick door, and there are holes for the speakers (both the "fake" speaker holes at the bottom of the front, & the REAL ones on the side)

The only port that is covered is the IR port, I guess CapDase got tired of waiting for an official use for this feature & gave up on it. But a note to homebrewers who use the IR port, it is covered by the silicone, if that's a concern. If you really wanted to, I suppose you could probably cut a hole out for it.

The buttons along the bottom of the PSP are covered by the silicone, but they are still easy to push.

The anodized aluminum looks & feels really good. Like the new 2nd gen iPod Nanos, only better. But because it's metal, it gets really cold. Picking up the PSP in the morning feels like walking across a cold tile... *brrrrrr*.... at least until it gets warmed by your hands.

The back plate has a stand, which is removable. I tried to remove it but I couldn't do it, I didn't want to force it too much. Note that there aren't any rubber "feet" on the bottom when the PSP is laying on a table, the metal back plate is smooth, so there might be some slippage, but it shouldn't go sliding around.

The stands angle can't be changed too much, but it sits at a nice angle.


+Don't have to open or take PSP out of case to use it.

+anodized aluminum offers good protection & is stylish looking.

+not too bulky compared to other cases.

+silicone inner case offers a bit of padding (but I wouldn't want to drop it on the floor)

+screen protector is really nice looking


-have to remove the entire back plate just to access the UMD.

-can't see the mem stick or power light, which is bad if your battery is low & it's flashing.

-because it's metal, it does add a bit of weight to the PSP.



Mogulwraith said...

Hey nice blog. I followed your link from the PSP forums and have been reading a bit.

I wish they made a good case like this for the Slim. I haven't seen anything very worthy and my Slim is starting to take wear. Damn it!

Don said...


There is an Alumor case for the PSP Slim. I haven't used it, but here:

Alumor PSP-2000

They probably have different colours.

I also used to use a CapDase Luxury case for my PSP-1001, I noticed that they have one for the PSP Slim too:

CapDase luxury case for PSP-2000

I haven't tried that one either but my old one is pretty cool.

For my PSP Slim, I have a "PSP Clear Armor", I think it's something like this:

PSP-2000 Clear Armor

I don't use it much though. I mostly just use the PSP soft case for my PSP Slim.


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