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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hannah Montana PSP bundle

Ugh.. I never thought I'd ever start off a post with that title... but it's not as bad as it sounds.

There's been a lot of PSP news lately, clearly Sony has been waiting to drop this stuff on us like an A-bomb... showing us they still support the system. Losta game announcements, and 2 PSP bundles.

From IGN:

LittleBigPlanet Portable

* Developed by Sony Cambridge in conjunction with MediaMolecule
* New SackBoy adventures with the same play, create, share experience for gamers on-the-go
* Brand new levels and environments specifically created for the platform
* Set for this year

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

* Developed by Bigbig Studios (the folks behind the Pursuit Force series)
* Set in Alaska
* Also expected to hit the PlayStation 2 platform in Fall of 2009

Assassin's Creed Portable

* Ubisoft's exclusive installment of the franchise
* Set for release later this year

Rock Band Unplugged

* Exclusive to PSP MTV Games and Harmonix
* The first PSP game to include a fully-featured in-game store for DLC
* Coming in 2009


* Ubisoft's bringing the Petz series to the PSP in 2009
* Expect dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, dolphins, tigers and bunnies
* Yay

New $199.99 PSP Bundles

* Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack
o Will launch in July
o Includes new "Lilac" PSP system
o Packs Disney Interactive's Hannah Montana PSP game, an exclusive dancing and rhythm action game
o Packs a selection episodes from the Hannah Montana TV series on UMD, Includes a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and stickers to customize the PSP

* Assassin's Creed PSP Entertainment Pack
o Contains the game and a Piano Black PSP
o Other details to come later

About the Hannah Montana PSP... it's a Lilac PSP-3001, which so far looks pretty nice in the stylized pic. I'm not dying to pick one up, but if I had that colour, I'd probably be happy with it. I wouldn't be so happy with the rest it's bundled with.... among all the Hannah Montana junk "girl-friendly" stuff, apparently there's stickers included to apply to the PSP???? *shudder* I'm not sure I even WANT to know what those will be....

Between the Hannah Montana (ok I've typed that name JUST TOO MANY TIMES NOW) stuff and the Petz brand of games... it kinda smacks of *desperation* from Sony to get females to notice the PSP.... though there's no doubt that the female demographic should not be ignored by game companies. It's not for me, but maybe girls will flock to it in droves? We'll see... but I wouldn't put money on it....

Maybe I still need time to soak it all in... but I'm not super excited about these game announcements. I'm glad to see that Sony is rounding up some third-party developers to get them back on PSP, but... these games.... I dunno. I know that a lot of these franchises are from the PS3/360 consoles, so I haven't played many of them.

I hate to sound all negative when the PSP needs good news right now. LittleBigPlanet looks great on PS3, I hope it translates well to PSP. Same with Assassin's Creed. When I think of UbiSoft developing for PSP, I can't help but think of their recent comments about the PSP's lack of direction and how "Ubisoft has no games planned for the PSP this year" (this article was posted June 2008, so I'm guessing that 2008 had no Ubisoft PSP games) From my personal experience with the Ubisoft-developed Star Wars:Lethal Alliance, I'm a bit concerned that Ubisoft will phone it in; making a functional game, but maybe not an outstanding one. But it's way too early to judge.

Overall, new games is good news, right? I guess......



Herrjeff said...

Keep on, you might even be selected to beta-test the Hannah's demo... :-)

Don said...


That is one demo I would be happy to be excluded from.... I won't even be mad if Sony doesn't tell me why....

Although, as easy as it is to trash the idea of (another?) Hannah Montana game, people were a little surprised by that last DS one... I have no idea if it actually turned out to be any good, but who knows......

... Okay we all know. It won't be good.


Herrjeff said...

Here's a another purple PSP for you ;-)

Don said...

Nice, thanks for the link!

I've been trying to figure out what the Lilac PSP actually looks like in real life, as opposed to the stylized press photo pic. Not too many pictures of it out in the wild, I'm not sure how good it will actually be... we'll have to wait til July to find out, I guess.

Unless it looks like this one. I like the "accessory" it comes with too ;)


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