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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DSi & music playback

The DSi is set to launch in North America on April 5, 2009.

Among it's few added features is music playback in AAC format. I keep reading about people all excited and touting it's features as an .mp3 player. Let's make this crystal clear: THE DSI DOES NOT PLAY MP3. THE DSI PLAYS .M4A (AAC format)

It sounds like nitpicking, and maybe it is... but .mp3 and AAC files are *NOT* the same thing. I know that people use "mp3" as a general definition of digital music files. I do it myself. But it's a BIG DEAL if you're thinking that the DSi will be awesome because it can play your mp3 files that you have on your computer, but when you find out that you have to convert those .mp3 files to .m4a (maybe .mp4 which is what they REALLY are)... then the distinction becomes pretty damn important.

Basically, you'd only have .m4a AAC files if you used iTunes, and you'd probably only be using iTunes if you have an iPod. And if you already have an iPod, I doubt the DSi music playback features will really compare.... though it's more like the DSi treats music as a toy rather than music.

All these idiots out there saying "the DSi is an mp3 player"... it's like saying something that plays only these:

is a CD player. In other words, don't be idiots spreading misinformation.


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