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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Streamlined Wii with no GameCube support coming to UK

What the heck is with Sony & Nintendo messing around with their end-of-life consoles, stripping away features & offering a lower MSRP?? First the PSP E-1000 & now this?

Nintendo is apparently offering a "streamlined" version of the Wii in the U.K
., it won't support Gamecube games or controllers. It will have a Wii controller with Motion Plus built in, and looks like it will be bundled with Wii Party & Wii Sports. They say that this Wii will be designed more to sit horizontally rather than upright vertically.... but um, the Wii can ALREADY be set up horizontally, ironically that's how Nintendo suggests it should be set up when Gamecube controllers are connected to it...

I guess this is more significant in Europe, where it seems like consoles cost a lot more than they do in Canada. So any price drop is a good thing.

I don't play Gamecube games on my Wii a lot, but I do appreciate the feature. I hate it when console makers take OUT features in consoles.



Anonymous said...

Do you download games onto it or anything? If so, then get the 3 SNES Star Wars games! They're AWESOME!

Don said...

I've heard they're pretty hard. But I love Star Wars, so I may do that sometime.


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