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Thursday, November 12, 2009

6.10 PSPgo firmware

This is really annoying. Ever since I updated my PSPgo to 6.10 firmware, it doesn't charge via USB anymore.

Considering that the USB port is the only way to charge the device, that's a big problem. It seems to charge fine using the USB cable connected to the AC adapter. But when I hook it up to my PC, the orange light comes on for a second, then goes green. It's clearly not charging, and I *know* my USB ports are powered because I've charged my other PSPs and my PSPgo prior to 6.10 with them just fine.

Sony got a bit sloppy with update 6.10. This USB charging problem is pretty common, and while some claim that it can be fixed by going into SYSTEM SETTINGS and turning off USB CHARGE then back on.... I've tried that and it doesn't seem to work. Not to mention the fact that there's no BATTERY INFORMATION listing in SYSTEM SETTINGS like there is on regular PSPs; so you can't tell how much power is left in the PSPgo battery. That's a serious oversight and needs to be fixed right away. These two problems alone should warrant Sony putting out a 6.11 or another firmware update for PSPgo sooner than later.

What pisses me off is that I was relying on charging my PSPgo using my NB205 netbook for my trip, but if it can't charge via USB, so much for that idea.

Sony, why are you such jerks? No seriously, why??? Can't you NOT screw us over every time you force us to update our firmware????? How about that for an idea?

UPDATE: Ok... sometimes it DOES recharge via USB mode! But sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure why that is.... I'm guessing that when I have my CF card in my card reader, the PSPgo won't charge (I use a CF card to tape my tv shows onto, and then transfer them via PC to my PSP) but if I don't have it connected... it charges?? Hmmm. Sony still needs to work on this problem for their next firmware update.



HerrJeff said...

Well, is it still time to bring your PSP-Go back to the store?

Here, I received an iPod Touch to digitally store my old CDs and my first test to play it in the car with Bluetooth was unsuccessful, grrr.

Don said...

Actually, I'm over the 30 day return by about 10 days.... oh well. As much controversy there is over the PSPgo, and I actually AGREE with most of the "hate"... on the other hand, I can't help but love it in a way. It is so small & cute, and feels truly portable. I've been meaning to make a post about the PSPgo hate since it came out, not sure if I'll have the time now.

Congrats on the iPod Touch, I've really been leaning towards getting one myself. The biggest sticking point is that I don't think it'll play back my video taped from my Neuros Recorder II.

I have heard that the iPod Touch Bluetooth isn't as good as the PSPgo's. But I can't corroborate it I don't have one myself. I assume you have the proper firmware installed that enables Bluetooth on the iPod Touch? Other than that, you might want to check the Bluetooth format.. I'm not all that knowledgable on that....


Anonymous said...

Your pc has to see your psp as a drive to be able to charge it. It won't charge if you exit the usb mode.

Don said...

Ok. My PC sees my PSPgo fine; I transfer video & music to it from my PC all the time. It's just that when I first connect via USB mode, the power light flashes orange for a second, then goes green... even though I know it should be charging.