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Monday, March 2, 2009

Kingston 16GB MicroSD

Sa-wheeeeeet!!! On Friday I ordered two Kingston 16GB Micro SD cards from Expansys... and just a few minutes ago there was a knock on the door-- they showed up already! Ordered on Friday, showed up on Monday! That's phenomenal delivery time for Canada!

They cost around $53.00 each, but with tax and shipping it works out to a bit less than $70.00 each for them... it was something like $138.00 in total...

The reason I bought 2 is that I'm going to use a PhotoFast CR-5400 microSD to Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter:

I also just ordered it, but it's coming from overseas so I expect it'll take a bit longer to arrive. Once it shows up, I pop the two 16GB MicroSD cards into the adapter, and the adapter into my PSP.... and VoilĂ ! 32 GB of storage in my PSP! Actually, after formatting, probably 29 GB.

Still... that will be damn impressive. I have to say, couldn't come at a better time. Right now I'm rocking an 8Gb Sony memory stick pro duo on my main PSP, and it's pretty full what with all the tv shows I've been taping from my Neuros Recorder II+... I'm taping them faster than I can watch & erase them... and seeing as how 1 hour = 400MB or so, it can really fill the space.

I would've liked to have gotten the Sandisk 16GB MicroSD cards, but they are still just too expensive in Canada.... when I happened upon that price for the Kingston, I had to give it a try.

I learned about this from Playstation Underground member Bone of World's thread about it. I'll post my experiences when I've got my hands on the adapter.



Herrjeff said...

First time I hear about this PhotoFast adapter. I look forward reading about the results.

Don said...

Yeah I can't wait to try it out myself. hopefully the adapter will be coming this week or next.

I got it from DealExtreme:


I've bought a few small things there and they've been good to deal with.


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