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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Battle Damaged Darth Vader

Monday was an awesome day to be sitting by my mail-box, because not only did I get my 2 kingston 16GB microSD cards... the Force Unleashed battle-damaged Darth Vader action figure I ordered also came in!

This fig is what really started my action figure frenzy I have going on right now. After playing Force Unleashed again, getting to the end where you fight Darth Vader & you beat him up so bad his helmet's partially torn off & half his armour is gone.... that is so awesome. (don't worry I haven't spoiled anything)

This figure is based on that scene, and when I looked it up, I just fell in love with it. The helmet, arm covering and chest & shin armour is removable, exposing his cybernetics & burned skin. This fig is the pride of my recent acquisitions, with Darth Talon being a close second.

The only thing I wish his cape was more tattered, I may punch some more holes in it...


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