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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video Games Live Future Shop coupon

I was in Future Shop today picking up a USB charger and I noticed a Video Games Live one-sheet leaflet thing at the register. There's an upcoming show in my town.... I am going (yay!) and so I grabbed the leaflet on the off-chance it might have more details about the event.

What surprised me is on the back, it says SAVE $20 with the purchase of 2 games over $20 each. Wow, that's not bad! I've been talking about how my 2 3DS launch games purchases are going to be Pilot Wings & Ridge Racer 3D, each $40.00-- so hopefully they qualify. I'm really envious from seeing so many deals for 3DS games in the U.S. There hasn't been many real deals for Canada other than a free case. So $20.00 off of $80.00 would be better than nothing.

The problem is that the coupon isn't in effect until April 15, the day VGL plays in my town. So if I plan to use it for 3DS games, I have to WAIT 2 WEEKS before buying them. I'm getting the 3DS system on Sunday, but looks like I won't be getting any games for it for over 2 weeks........ hmmm.

Guess I'll just be playing AR games, fiddling with the Mii Maker, taking 3-D pics of my action figures, pressing the browser icon & getting a COMING SOON message.... and playing my old DS games, hopefully they won't look too fuzzy....

Check out Future Shop's Video Games Live page here:


Even if you're not going to the show, if it's playing in your town your local FS might have the $20.00 coupon. Worth looking out for.


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