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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Android 3DS AR card app

This is kinda cool. Engadget posted a link about someone making an app for Android smartphones that displays the AR cards for the 3DS.

For those unaware, you lay these cards down on a table & use the 3DS camera to have interactive games with them.... well, at least with the question mark one. I think the other ones only pop up 3D images of the character on the card.

With this app, you can display the card on your phone & interact with it exactly the same-- saves you having to keep track of a bunch of flimsy cards.... as long as you have your phone and your 3DS with you, that is...

I just downloaded + installed the app on my HTC Legend & it works alright-- it is a simple app that shouldn't need to do much. I think it's about 800K in size... and yeah I'm sure that you could take a photo of the cards & do the same thing as this app-- but in the app they're displayed pretty well, they don't look like photos or off center, etc. Also, my phone automatically turns off the screen after a minute or so, and I don't want to adjust that setting every time I want to display AR card photos. This app keeps the screen on.

The only caveats I've heard so far is that it may force close on the EVO, and there might be ads. I don't stay connected to the internet on my phone so I haven't encountered that so far.


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