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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

comparing 3DS & DS Lite playing the same game

Thought I'd do a direct comparison between the 3DS & DS Lite playing the same game..... amazing that no online news site actually did this.... way to not do your jobs Joystiq, Engadget, IGN, Gamespot, etc....

I wanted to test out game sharing, or DS Download Play as Nintendo calls it. Can a DS Lite do local multi-player with a 3DS? The answer is Yes! Here is Mario Kart DS loaded on both systems with one one cartridge, in the DS Lite (hosting).

I took 2 side-by-side pictures switching the positions of the consoles each time, because as can be seen, the external light & whatever other factors affected the device on the left side.

But in both pics you can see that the colour on the 3DS screens is more faded, and colours are different in some places.

The DS Lite:

The 3DS:

The colours & look of the DS games aren't as vibrant on a 3DS, but I wouldn't really notice unless I was looking side-by-side like this. It may bug some people, personally if I had to sell/get rid of my DS Lite & only had a 3DS to play my DS games, I'd be ok with it. Though I still want to keep my DS Lite....

Another point to note is that I did a visual comparison of the screen sizes between the 2 handhelds & to me, it looks like the screen sizes on the 3DS is slightly smaller when playing DS games.

Finally, there is also the point of WRONG INFO being posted by major gaming "news" sites. Joystiq, IGN, maybe others keep saying that to display DS content at its actual resolution on a 3DS (where the image is displayed about 3/4 the size of the screen) you need to press both SELECT & START while tapping on the DS game icon. NO. You hold down *either* SELECT *or* START, not both. It's in the friggin' manual!

Here's a hilariously erroneous video by IGN where Audrey gets just about everything wrong. Aside from the button thing, she mentions that it'll make the cartridge [icon] spin-- again, WRONG. The cartridge icon spins because her thumb brushed against the 3DS microphone. Blowing on it gives the same effect. And for strike three, for some reason they edited the footage to not actually show the correct resolution they're talking about, they cut back to the same stretched footage they showed earlier. It's just a mess of a "tutorial":

The smaller, correct resolution makes everything look a bit sharper & more vibrant, which is why I think people are grousing about the upscaling after seeing the actual resolution playback. But the same image shown smaller almost always makes it look more vibrant, right? Trust me, it is not worth playing with the screens this size.



Anonymous said...

Lol You are so right about the 'game news' outlets and their half-assery.

Don said...

Thanks. It pisses me off how inaccurate they are, and how much important gaming news they ignore/miss.

I'm not perfect either but I don't claim to be a gaming journalist in any way. Just an enthusiast.


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