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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sims 2 GBA

Man.... way back when I started this blog I fully intended to talk about GBA games & my Game Boy Micro. I don't play it all the time but I've had some intense few weeks of gaming on it here & there. But I bet that if I clicked on the Game Boy Micro link tag under the site header I'd find very few posts about my little Micro. I think I played it more just before I started Handheld Addict & for some reason not much since.

So right now I am playing the hell out of The Sims 2 on it. It was actually part of the bundle when I bought my Game Boy Micro from Future Shop in 2007(?) They packed in 2 GBA carts: Sims 2 and a Pokemon movie cart which I think is actually 2 episodes from the tv show. I still haven't watched that yet. And back then I tried out Sims 2 a bit, just to make sure it worked but then put it away until I was in the mood.

So fast forward a few years to a couple days ago, and I'm rooting through my box of GBA game carts looking for something to try. "Hmmm, Sims 2? I have no idea what this game is like... oh what the hell-- let's give it a shot!", I said.

And I've been playing it like crazy ever since.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I have also been playing tons of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on my phone. I have the GBA cart of that game too but I loaned it to my nephew & he's been completely addicted to it for months. I'm probably not getting it back, so I acquired a ROM of it for my phone. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is a slow-paced game but it is surprisingly addictive... I'm really getting into the sim-genre right now.
The Sims 2 is a nice fit in that genre, and I'm really surprised now good the graphics are. It's a huge ROM; most are like 3MB, but this one is like 24MB!

I forgot how nice the d-pad on the Game Boy Micro is. I tried playing it on my DS Lite, and the mushy d-pad really turned me off, so I went back to my Micro. But I am just not a fan of the tiny TINY Micro screen. Even though it makes GBA games look good.... it's still damn small.

So I have it on my phone and have been playing it on both devices, basically just playing the same levels on each.

It's a weird game... basically you're an actor on a sort-of reality show? But the others don't know they're on a show? I'm not sure. But you directly control your sim & complete levels which are episodes on this show.

To me it's fun in the some of the same ways that Harvest Moon is, that you can wander around I explore/discover things. The graphics are better but the exploration is much smaller than Harvest Moon.

I'm using this game to help me wait out the final week before the 3DS release on Sunday....


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