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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PSP Slim dead pixel

1 dead pixel doesn't seem like such a big deal. And if all you do with your PSP is play mostly darkly-lit action games, it isn't even noticible.

But I do more with my PSP(s) than just games... I watch lots of video, and look at photos... and that's when the 1 dead pixel can really annoy. It's a bit more than just the same as having a piece of dust on the screen, because even though it's "dead", it IS backlit. So it shows up more than dust does.

And as shown in the pic, WHERE that 1 dead pixel is can be really distracting.

Sigh... this is the exchange PSP Slim I got back from MTC, after they couldn't fix the original PSP Slim I sent them. I have 90 days warranty on it from them. I could send it back... but I've read horror stories of them in situations like this, so I dunno...

I don't know if I should just sell it or what....


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