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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PSP dead pixel

So, the PSP I got back after sending my broken one in has a dead pixel. It's very weird, because pixels are either dead (just go black) or stuck (stay a certain colour). But in this case, it would get stuck, but sometimes go back to blending in with the rest of the screen; work as normal, basically. I've never seen or heard of that before.

But I figure it was only a matter of time before it died and stayed permanently black.... and it looks like that's happened. Dead pixels are annoying, even if it's only one. You still notice it when watching video.

I've owned 5 PSPs, and 4 of them have had pixel or screen problems. 4 out of 5 PSPs. And the ONE PSP that didn't have screen problems is the one that had the UMD drive problem. Have I mentioned what a shitty company Sony is? Not today, I guess.

#1•PSP fat bought in May 2006, had 3 dead pixels, 2 were clumped together. I took it back a couple days later & exchanged it for another PSP.

#2•Replacement PSP has 1 blue stuck pixel. I decided to cut my losses & stick with it, who knows what the next exchanged PSP would've been like.

#3•PSP Slim bought Oct 9, 2007 (launch day for the Star Wars white PSP) no dead pixels, I was *so* shocked & happy.... then 3 months later, UMD drive started acting up.

#4•PSP Slim bought in July, 2008 (same white SW model) got it from Blockbuster video, which doesn't take returns AT ALL.... but I got it fairly cheap ($150.00) There's a speck of red paint or something underneath the screen. I know it's not a stuck pixel because I can see it when the PSP is turned off. It effectively looks/acts the same as a dead pixel though. I've barely used this PSP, so a pixel problem could show up down the road (part of why I'm afraid to use it much) so I'm not sure if I should sell it on eBay or what. I definitely don't need 2 PSP Slims.

#5•Replacement from the first PSP Slim I bought with the UMD troubles... my "main" PSP... now has a stuck pixel.

The PSP is notorious for having a really high dead pixel rate. I know that dead/stuck pixels can happen with ALL LCD screens, there are small rates of such in all LCD screens. But with the PSP, it's much higher than the average. Obviously it's still a problem even though they've come out with newer PSPs, the PSP-2000 (PSP Slim) and I'm sure the dead pixel problem will continue with the PSP-3000. Sony likes to cut corners.

The only upside to my latest dead pixel is that it came on gradually, easing me into the inevitablity of its demise. It still really bums me out though. I can only hope it doesn't get worse.


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