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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Invisible Shield

A couple days ago, I got "my" PSP Slim back from being repaired. I'll post more about that later, but now I just finished off applying an Invisible Shield brand screen protector to it.

Ugh... aside from the included solution spray bottle being empty, I think it went well... but installing Invisible Shield screen protectors is always a nerve-wracking experience. This is my 3rd time.

The key to a good install is to use lots of water-- I know that doesn't SOUND like a good combination with your electronic device. But you have to be willing to let the device sit, turned off, for at least 24 hours in case any water might have gotten inside.

Here's a post from my first time Invisible Shield install, on my first PSP back in 2006:

Invisible Shield PSP
I just installed the Invisible Shield on my Sony PSP.

It's a pretty thick looking piece of clear rubber. I wondered how this could go on "invisible", but I've seen numerous pictures of them on devices, and they do look good. And once it slides on the PSP it really does become nearly invisible. But there's a rubbery texture to it that you can feel. Gives it a bit of grip, but definately different than the ultra-smooth feel of the naked PSP.

At first I followed all the instructions to the letter; using the spray to wet my fingers, got all the equipment ready, prepped my enviroment like a surgeon-- did everything I could to make sure it was as dust & lint free as possible.

But as I put the Invisible Shield down on the PSP, there were a lot of bubbles left underneath, that I couldn't squeegee out. And then I ran out of spray! They don't give you very much.

Luckily I had a backup plan; after doing a LOT of reading about the IS & peoples installations (mostly of iPods) I thought I should have a container of soapy water on hand in case the spray didn't do it.

What I did was I took the IS off the PSP, and dunked it in a tupperware container full of water with just a drop of dish soap in it. I used a tupperware lid that gave me a depth of about 2 cm.

Then I lightly scraped off the Invisible Shield (both sides) on the edge of the tupperware container, so there still quite a bit of water on it, but it wasn't dripping.

Reapplying it to the PSP was much easier, it was easier to move it around on top of the PSP (almost too easy, it slipped once or twice, gotta be careful if you have things lined up correctly) and it was much easier to squeegee out the bubbles underneath.

It looked good, but now that I've given it about 15 minutes, I think there's a spot, I don't know if it's a bubble or lint or what, that's still on my screen. Crap. I've tried squeegeeing it out, even though I think it reduced it, it's still there, don't think it's a bubble. Does look smaller though.

You're supposed to wait 24 hours before turning on your device, but I had to see what it looked like on the screen, and how the Invisible Shield looked in general. It does seem that the Invisible Shield changes the look of the screen somewhat. Maybe it's just me, and it hasn't fully dried yet so maybe it will become less noticible once it does.

Now to just wait it out for at least 3 days, hopefully things will look great by then.


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