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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PSP-3000 announced

Today Sony confirmed the rumour of a new PSP model is true, they are releasing the PSP-3000.

It looks like a very slight modification to the current PSP-2000 (PSP Slim) design; the HOME button is now a PS-logo button, and there's a built-in microphone. The other announced feature (as of this writing) is that the screen is supposed to be glare-reducing, making it easier to see outdoors. PSP-3000 also allows games to be played on non progressive-scan (non- HD) tvs (PSP Slim can only play games on HD tvs)

Ugh. Basically this is still the PSP Slim, with a mic added in (presumably for Skype) and overall, that's both good & bad.

Good - it doesn't really alienate current PSP Slim users, and all the PSP Slim accessories (what few there are right now) should still all be compatible.

Bad - why bother making such tiny changes? Just come out with a whole new PSP with 2 analog nubs, and major improvements over the current system. If you really want a new PSP model, make it a new generation of PSP already.

I am not impressed with Sony releasing a new PSP model less than a year after the previous PSP Slim, with only very minor changes. This follows the Apple trend with iPods, and maybe Nintendo's history of (Gameboy series) handhelds too... but as a customer, I think it's very wrong for companies to do this, it just screws us over. Pisses me off.

The only new feature I can use out of that list is the glare-reducing screen. I like that idea because you really can't look at the PSP screen outdoors. It gets washed out, even on an overcast day.

EDIT: an article at IGN just stated that the PSP-3000 will allow gameplay on non-HD tvs! Now *THAT'S* a feature I REALLY want, as I use the video out feature on my current PSP Slim quite a bit. It's just awesome to be able to playback movies on my tv, you can watch with friends, etc.... but I can't play games because I don't have a progressive-scan (HD) tv.

This is just me wildly speculating, but I think that we'll see the previous PSP Slim colours (white, red, etc) but without the Darth Vader or Kratos artwork on the back. But I'm sure they'll have other models with artwork on the back of some kind.

Integrating the mic into the system, and the PS logo on the HOME button might be a sign they're going to do something big with those. But then again, it could just be the PSP Slim's version of the IR* (on the old PSP)....

Joystiq's PSP-3000 gallery

*for those who don't know, there was an IR port on the original PSP-1000 (PSP fat) model. Sony never figured out a use for it, so it just went away with the PSP Slim.


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