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Friday, August 29, 2008

PSP-3000 hands-on at Gamespot

Gamespot has an article on the PSP-3000, comparing the screen with the PSP-2000.

There aren't too many exterior changes, but it is notable that the sides of the PSP-3000(silver) are sharper than the rounded curves of the 2000(white):

To me, the sharper edges hearkens back to the PSP-1000(Wow! Remember that one?) while the overall look is the PSP-2000.

Sony's John Koller gives a basic overview of the PSP-3000 in this video:

I really don't have much to say about Koller. Not necessarily because of him personally, but *ALL* US/European Sony people just come off as puppets given a script that they recite without actually believing in. Someone from Sony Japan tells them that the PSP-3000 is great, they go out & shill that it's "great". That's part of the problem with Sony's PlayStation division, they don't give a crap about anyone outside of Japan.

Gamespot PSP-3000 hands-on article


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