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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Up yours, Future Shop

I finally got my e-coupon from Future Shop for pre-ordering the 3DS XL online. Rather than walking into a store and buying it the day it comes out, I had to wait an extra day because Canada Post doesn't deliver on Sunday. Fine. It's worth it because I get the $20.00 e-coupon... despite the last-minute in-store Future Shop  deal that gave $20.00 off any game in September.

Then I get my 3DS XL in the mail, the box is a little scrunched in the corner. It looks like a "first off the truck" SKU... but so far, my 3DS XL has no problems. But if I had bought in-store, I would have made the salesperson give me a undamaged box... in other words, I could choose. But at least I get the $20.00 e-coupon for pre-ordering, right?

So I just got my e-coupon, 2 days after my 3DS XL arrived, and... it's not vaild UNTIL September 7. I have to wait 2 1/2 weeks to be able to use it. Probably the same as if I had just gone into the store and bought it ON launch day, being able to pick an UNDAMAGED box, and could have been playing it right away like everyone else.

What's galling is that restriction was NOT listed in the original pre-order deal, and believe me, I read all the fine print they made available to me at the time. It was NOT there. Had I known, maybe I wouldn't have pre-ordered.

Future Shop, you are such colossal douchebags...


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