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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Preordered the 3DS XL

Lord help me, I just put in a preorder for a red 3DS XL.... I've been reading some of the comments from early adopters who got the 3DS LL in other regions already. There are some issues of note:

-Speakers are not as good as the 3DS, and may have crackling at high volume.

-Screens are yellow-tinged.

-There may be a NEW screen scratch issue(!)

-The 3D sweet spot may actually be SMALLER rather than larger than the original 3DS.

Despite these issues, I still preordered from Future Shop online, they offer a $20.00 E-coupon with purchase if preordering.

The bottom line is I'm just a handheld nut. I'm really hoping a lot of the issues only affect a small minority of owners or have been corrected for the North America release of the console.

What I really like is that the 3DS XL looks... equal to the PS Vita. When I have my Vita laying next to my 3DS, even though these are both current gen consoles, the 3DS does not look right.... y'know? And especially after playing my Vita tons, going back to the small 3DS screens is difficult. Even though the resolution is still lower, having the 3DS XL screen being almost the same size as the Vita will look more proper to me. And I am so looking forward to the more rounded edges, despite my liking the overall look of the 3DS, the current 3DS corners stab into my hands, making for very uncomfortable extended gameplay sessions.

A bit over 7 days before the 3DS XL comes out.... I absolutely cannot wait to play Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D on it... and a reminder-- my online handle is HndhldAdct....


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Anonymous said...

Coll dude I was tempted to buy one and I did I pre ordered the red and black one from a website I forgot what it was called. I had to pay 196 dollars free shipping and no tax either. I hope you enjoy your 3DS XL I know I will ^^