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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More 3DS game delays & cancellations

Man... reading the 3DS news lately is depressing. Crush 3D is delayed 'til Feb 2012 "because the 3DS adoption rate isn't high enough yet", I'm not all that into it, but Mega Man 3 is canceled... there are probably even more 3DS games that have been canceled recently--on top of those other canceled games I mentioned that I *am* (was?) looking forward to. I loved Crush on the PSP, not sure if I will pick up Crush 3D, unless it had all-new content... still, I'd really like to see it come out.

Third- party developers jumping off the 3DS like crazy. I hate to be pessimistic, but this feels like the PSP decline in FAST-FORWARD. By about 2006-2007, developers started to abandon the PSP, marking a slow decline from 2008-onward.

But like I keep saying, the handheld market right now is not what it was back then. Some developers felt really burned by the PSP-- it started roaring out of the gate but Sony didn't support it properly so software support slumped. This time 'round, they aren't waiting... they seem ready to jump ship, if they were even "fully onboard" to begin with.

Console development (PS3/Xbox 360) may be seen as more profitable & "safer" than sinking resources into developing for the 3DS... or maybe devs are looking at smartphones as a target for the handheld game market? It still feels like 2 different markets, I don't see the Ubisofts, THQs, Majesco's, etc. developing games for smartphones... maybe they are but I don't know about them. Seems like devs that are tailored specifically to phone games are the ones creating the big name ones.

It's still a bit early to tell if the games will come... and frankly, what are people like me-- who've already bought a 3DS-- gonna do if no games come out in the next 12 months? Ignore their 3DS console some more?

That's what's really disturbing me... sure, launches are usually considered "weak" but the launch was over 3 months ago. I go to Walmart & see maybe 2 new 3DS games that have come out since then.

I try to scour the news sources for any info on *UPCOMING* 3DS games, and yes there are mentions of a few like Driver 3D (I really enjoyed Driver 76 on my PSPgo), and an Ace Combat game. But aside from Starfox 64 3D, there just doesn't seem to be much that has a firm release date.

Maybe I'm expecting too much at this point? Just doesn't feel like the 3DS is picking up any steam, only losing it.


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Anonymous said...

Well, COMPAIN TO THE COMPANIES! And if they are permentally cancelled, send them a picture of all your cash and say, "This could've been yours, you idiots!"