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Sunday, July 31, 2011

3DS price drop reactions

So it looks like the 3DS will be MSRP $169.99 on August 12, 2011. Still hasn't been confirmed for Canada, I think it will happen here also, but not sure if it will be that exact same day...

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of early adopters who paid $249.99 (+tax?) are anywhere from a bit choked to outright pissed off. I've read a few message board posters swearing off Nintendo completely.

Me, I'm.... well, I'm not outraged exactly, not even angry personally. I feel a little bit choked sorta, but honestly... I knew what I signed up for when I decided to become an early adopter. Prices for tech only drop over time, they rarely increase. So no matter what piece of tech you buy; that new 3D LED TV, laptop or handheld gaming device, the price will probably only go down given enough time.

Now of course 4 months isn't a lot of time for a $80.00 price drop-- people predicted a price cut, but come on, NOBODY saw THAT MUCH of a price drop coming. It would suck if you bought a 3DS just before July 12, 2011 (because that would be just past most stores 30 day price protection guarantee)... I could see someone getting choked about that. But then again, there are people who bought DS's the day before the DS Lite was announced. Happens.

What I *DON'T* get in all this, is the huge number of postings about how people who bought the 3DS at launch price of $250.00 need their "head examined" or basically that they did something that was OFFENSIVE. People seem to be ANGRY AT the people who paid full launch MSRP for the 3DS. I don't get it. Why?

I could see if it was a reply to those early adopters who are angry about the price drop, but no, these hostile threads aren't any reaction to griping by early adopters.

Is it because they feel that those people somehow encourage Nintendo to keep its price point at $250.00? That doesn't make sense, but I can't think of why people would be so HOSTILE towards early adopters. I could understand a "Haha, suckers!" attitude, though I think that's simply juvenile to the point that it's meaningless. but why hostility? Like it's a personal attack on those who didn't buy early..... I dunno.

Me, I'm ok with having bought at launch (not like I can go back in time....) I've had problems like the screen issue and of course the price. Sure I'd rather not have those problems. It's tough to be the early adopter who gets to be the guinea pig for all the technical problems of a system. The "reward" is we get to have the system right away & can see it grow from the ground up (if it does)... but really, for me, it's about a lack of willpower & being very easily seduced by the shiny-shiny. That's why I'm a handheld addict.


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