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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Engadget Huaqiangbei article

Engadget posted a nice look into the gadget market Huaqiangbei, located in Shenzhen China. (check it out) It's a pretty amazing place for electronics & handheld addicts like me. I visited there 1.5 years ago, back in Dec 2009... and the Engadget article covers a lot of what my impression was of that place.

I think I mentioned in a previous post seeing a stack of memory stick pro duo cases on a desk with someone stuffing them with (presumably) fake flash memory chips. I always warn against buying memory stick pro duos off of eBay or anything that even looks like China; but seeing that in person seared an unforgettable visual image of my fears of fake memory sticks into my brain.

I didn't know anything about cellphones back when I was there, but I'm not sure if my knowledge now would be an advantage or just get me into more trouble....

One thing that is missing from the article is that Huaqiang bei is more than just that huge cellphone "mall"... there's lots of big areas with computers & of course gaming systems. And there are street-level storefronts that are totally legitimate, bright & upscale electronic affairs where you won't likely see killer deals but you'll be more assured that the product is genuine. And of course the Meizu store is very trendy cool.

Ohhhh... Stanley Cup Game 7 is starting. Go Canucks!


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