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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3DS firmware update freezes Ridge Racer 3D

Nobody seems to be reporting this except a few aussie blogs, but Nintendo has warned that the latest 3DS update could cause issues with playing Ridge Racer 3D.

Here is the page from the Nintendo site:

Important Notice Concerning Ridge Racer 3D

Accompanying the system update available on June 6, it has been confirmed that under certain circumstances when making a selection before the race starts in "Grand Prix" in "Single Play" mode of the Ridge Racer 3D game, the screen sometimes freezes. If you do not install the system update at this time, the symptom will not occur.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will have a system update in mid-June that should take care of this matter.

In Ridge Racer 3D, pressing the B Button to return from Race Selection or Machine Selection may cause the screen to freeze. If the screen does freeze, please press and hold the Power button and turn the system off then retry. There should be no impact to the save data.


Man... I really want the 3DS update... it adds the web browser but more important, there's a free game, Excite Bike! But I love playing Ridge Racer 3D so I have to wait. I hope they get this stupid update patched soon since Excite Bike is only free until July 7.


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