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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Godzilla: Unleashed

I've gotta admit, I've been playing the hell out of Godzilla: Unleashed the last few days.

I bought this game used at Rogers Video..... whoa, over a year ago??? Sheesh. And I hadn't even really played it til now. I was probably hoping I'd have time last summer to play it. Like the previous Godzilla game, Godzilla: Save the Earth for Xbox, these are good summertime games.

Godzilla videogames are like Godzilla movies: they get terrible reviews from the critics, but they are mindless fun. There's a lot to dislike about Godzilla: Unleashed-- the controls are sluggish, clunky and not always responsive. The storyline is cheesy & just a series of static comicbook-style pictures for the cutscenes, with terrible voicework. But for a G-fan like me, it is surprisingly fun. The graphics are great, the monsters sound/look right, and the cheeziness just makes it feel more like a Godzilla movie. But for the average videogamer that doesn't know those old movies, this game probably wouldn't stand up on its own.

I've also just started playing Deadspace: Extraction... it seems like an ok game, but it wasn't quite as compelling as a jump-in-and-play fighting game like Godzilla: Unleashed. I will go back to it when I'm in the right mood. And I've been playing Deadly Creatures, it is a nice game but very slow-paced and the lack of map coupled with generic routes means you have to visualize the entire level in your mind, which is tiresome. Now I'm currently playing Tron 2.0: Killer App on Xbox... an old gift.... my previous save file was from Dec. 2006... yeesh.....


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