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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Torch

Yup I've only been watching the 2010 Olympics for the last 2 weeks and not much else... besides being ill (again?!) ugh..... my TV shows have been piling up on my PSPgo, waiting to be watched & deleted. What's cool is that I recently got an 8GB CF card at Costco for like $9.97 or something. great price, and it seems to work in my Neuros Recorder II+ fine. Now I can record like 15 hours of TV or something? For $10.00 that's pretty sweet.

So I have to admit... I have a bit of gadget-lust for the 2010 Olympic torch. It just looks very cool; sleek & elegant design with metal trim that reminds me of a PSP.

I kinda want one... now I wish I'd put my name in to be a torch bearer or whatever the process was. I'm sure I could buy one off of eBay, but I really don't want an overpriced USED model... I'd rather it be new, clean or if used, then used by me.

Just another one of those things that falls into the useless-but-cool category like the Sony Rolly.


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