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Thursday, August 20, 2009

PSP UMD drive troubles again?

One thing that's got me worried... when I first started playing Wipeout Pulse, the UMD would start up by itself while I was navigating in other menus like VIDEO or MUSIC... and the Do you want to quit the game? screen popped up during playing.... this is the exact same UMD drive problem I had with my previous PSP-2001.... it's been a year almost to the week that I sent that one in & got the current one I'm playing with as a replacement. And now THIS one is doing the same thing??? That really pisses me off. I don't abuse my PSPs at all; I never even open the UMD door when I can hear it spinning. So why is this problem so prevalent? I suspect it's more common than people think, but most PSP users only play games on it so maybe they don't notice. Judging by the number of views & comments on my Youtube video of the problem, it seems pretty significant.

It hasn't happened again since a couple days ago. But I know that's how it started on my other PSP-2001 too; occasionally at first-- then happening more & more often, interrupting gameplay until I couldn't take it any more. Grrrr. Maybe the PSPgo *is* a good idea-- after cutting corners to reduce their costs with the PSP-2000, Sony gives up on the UMD drive entirely. But their lack of professionalism with the PS Store doesn't fill me with much hope that that's a better alternative.


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