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Thursday, August 13, 2009

IGN PSPgo video walkthrough

Not too much new to report on the PSPgo, but IGN has a video with Sony's handpuppet mouthpiece John Koller...... ugh. I just don't like that guy.... it's just that he's said things like, "There's definitely no new PSP coming! We don't need a new model at all!" then SCEJ whispers in his ear, and he's going, "Like I said, there's a new PSP coming! We think a new model is really needed!" Uh, right. It's probably not his fault that Sony is paying him to be a weasel, but whatever.

The video basically goes over everything we already know, but it is nice to actually see the button placements & have details spelled out for sure. Would've been nice if he'd actually talked more about the NEW features like Blutooth instead of just casually mentioning it at the end.


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