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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need For Speed Carbon Wii, Metroid Prime Hunters

Bought a couple of discount games from The Source(@Circuit City).... Need for Speed Carbon (Wii) and Metroid Prime Hunters (DS)... each $15.00.

Pretty good deal, they were clearance priced, I found them by hunting through their website & looking up to see if any stores in my town had the games I wanted in stock. I'd been somewhat interested in Need For Speed Carbon as it's one of the few car games on Wii. But I was a bit iffy on the controls, I expected it wouldn't control great.

Been playing it tonight.... I *really* want to like this game, and nope, not thrilled with the controls. Steering is done by flipping the Wiimote sideways, which is how I think driving games should work on the Wii. But the handling is very loose & sloppy; it works ok for normal turns, but terrible for sharper ones. I've been trying it with the Wii wheel I got from MarioKart Wii, but it handles better without it, which is a real shame. Even without the wheel, the handling still really sucks. I've been trying the same races over & over thinking I'll eventually get the feel for the controls, but I haven't gotten any closer to getting it. I'm just bouncing back & forth from wall to wall; once you bounce off a wall, it's near-impossible to recover & get back on course again. I get the feeling that EA budgeted a set amount of time to tweak the controls; once that time was up the game was out the door no matter what. That's what it feels like to me, and it's a very frustrating thought.

I haven't tried Metroid Prime Hunters yet. After a lot of playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (I only paid $10.00 for it "new" at EB games!) I found the Metroid Prime FPS experience to be interesting, but tiresome. The thing about Metroid Prime is that it's not a FPS exactly, it just looks like one on the surface. Beyond the basic "shoot at the enemies down the corridors & rooms" there's a lot of backtracking, scanning & puzzle work. Every boss is a series of puzzles to be figured out; the only way to defeat them. What bothers me the most about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is how it takes a billion shots to defeat EVERY enemy, even if they are a lowly minion or basic grunt type. It's a very tedious experience. It gives me the feeling like my weapons are always underpowered... there's constant power ups, and instead of making me feel like I've achieved greater power when I find them, I feel like I'm always a step behind the next level of power I need.

So why did I buy Metroid Prime Hunters? It was cheap. And I expect high production values, judging by MP3:C. I'm hoping that my mind will be changed with Hunters... I dunno....


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