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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toys R' Us sale - Red Steel, Wii Zapper

I heard about a Toys R' Us sale so yesterday I went down there & picked up a couple Wii things:

Red Steel - $9.97
Wii Zapper (w./Link's Crossbow Training) - $9.97

Ok, I also bought this little toy Wiimote thing that apparently flings out candies... I chucked the candy out, and the toy will hopefully serve as a DECOY for my 2-year-old niece. When she's over she'll play around with my real Wiimotes and drain the batteries-- not to mention get them all grimy & stuff. I haven't been able to find a broken Wiimote for sale cheap (or at all, strangely enough...) so I hope that this toy will suffice... it's a longshot, but worth a try....

The Wii Zapper is my 2nd one, for $10.00 it's worth having another one I figure... and I may just try to play both player 1 & 2 on Ghost Squad so I can have DUAL WIELDING.... that could be kinda cool. Or it could be totally stupid. We'll see.

But now I have a 2nd copy of Link's Crossbow Training, it's a really fun little mini-game shooter collection.... it's not what I would call a full game, but it's a terrific pack-in with the Zapper, to give people something to jump into right away. I don't need 2 copies of the game, I'll have to find a way to unload it, I guess....

Red Steel is a game I've been curious about since before buying my Wii last year. I've read a lot of bad/mediocre reviews, so I wasn't expecting much. I haven't gotten to the really frustrating parts yet, I think I'm just on the verge of one, but so far it's been fairly ok, even fun... for what it is. The devs tried to be too precise with the Wii motion controls, they should've allowed for much more forgivness. There's no map and it's really hard to make out the enemies from the background, I pretty much can't see them unless they're shooting, and I end up relying on seeing the muzzle flashes of their guns. Still, it is a fun, goofy game that so far is totally worth $10.00.


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