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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kingston MicroDuo 3.0 16GB doesn't fit

  I just bought a Kingston MicroDuo 3.0 16GB flash drive. It has full-size USB on one side and micro USB for plugging into devices like my Nexus 5.

The huge problem is the full-size USB. It's slightly too big.

Compared to my USB cable plug, you can visibly see the Kingston is slightly wider and taller. Man, what is it with Kingston and their crap inability to conform to standards? This is not the first Kingston product that's been too big. I have 2 SD cards that have major problems fitting into SD slots like my 3DS... because they are slightly too large.

I tried putting this stupid MicroDuo USB stick into my Asus X205TA USB port, it *barely* fit. Now I think it's been stretched. Now regular USB plugs are a bit looser in that slot.

This would be a great little device if Kingston could only conform to standards like 99% of the USB/SD storage community.

I've had it with Kingston now. Three strikes already. I'm done with your garbage, Kingston.


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