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Thursday, April 24, 2014

PSN makes PSP titles available to download on Vita then takes them away again

I am so, SO *SO* angry with Sony right now.

The other day, I read that PSP titles on our download list could FINALLY be downloaded onto our Playstation Vitas! So I looked at my Downloads list and sure enough, EVERY PSP title I had on there had the Download button next to it. Wow! So I downloaded 2 of the 3 PSP titles that I couldn't download previously, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and Twisted Metal: Head On. I didn't download Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron yet... had I only known...

Yesterday Sony reverted our Downloads list back to the way it was before, with most of the PSP content "Cannot download using a PS Vita system." ARRRGHHHH!!!!

This is Sony we're talking about. The SAME Sony that will take every opportunity to screw with its handheld customers. I suffered so much grief from them during the PSP years. There are parts of Sony that I simply HATE. I swore off digital downloads for years because of their antics.

What is GALLING about Sony's about-face is that clearly, Sony can (literally) at the flick of a switch make these games available for download. I'm not talking about getting them free. I paid for these full games. I didn't pirate them. I don't know if they made a mistake and accidentally flipped the switch making these games available, but it's so frustrating that all this time their content is right there and they arbitrarily deny them from their customers. This is the true SCE Sony style.

And when I was marveling at how we could download our previously purchased  PSP games, I thought, "Hey, I don't have a digital copy of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror... I wonder how much it costs... if it is reasonable I would pick it up"... yes, I would have BOUGHT MORE GAMES had this open policy stayed in effect. Geez Sony, you wouldn't actually want that, huh? Happy customers who buy more of your games? Imagine.

I hate you so much, Sony. Thanks for reminding me of the bad old days of 2007-2010, when you did your best to make it suck to be a Sony customer.


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