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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kingston SD cards are thick

I've bought a few of them, and I've noticed that for some reason Kingston cards are insanely thick.They're really hard to put in & pull out of my card readers and gadgets. I originally bought an Kingston 8GB SDHC card for my 3DS, but since the only way to load & pull media off of it is to transfer the card between the 3DS & my PC, I'm worried that they will stretch out the slots on my various devices. So I haven't even used it yet.

 I am currently using them on my Aluratek Cinepal media player (which is not so great BTW, which is why I haven't yet done a proper review of it) but again, I have to use a card reader to transfer media onto it. I hope they don't wreck the SD slot on my reader for other SD cards.

Why the heck are they so much thicker than other SD cards? It's bizarre and annoying. There should be a standard spec for SD cards that all brands should adhere to.

Maybe that's why Kingston cards go on sale so often...


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