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Friday, May 11, 2012

Canada Post you suck

I hate you Canada Post so much. I'm unavailable for like one 15 minute period between 8:00am and 6:00pm. And no matter when that 15 minute period is, you will pick that EXACT TIME to ring my doorbell so I can't answer and you leave me the note to pick up my package the next business day after 1:00pm.

I could decide to take a crap at 8:00 am... and that will be the time. I could take a crap at 4:59pm. It's like you know and you'll swoop in and make sure I can't answer. No matter what fucking time, you will *know*.

Fuck I hate you guys so much. Hopefully the pickup place will be open on Saturday "after 1:00pm" and maybe I'll be able to pick up my Samsung Galaxy S Glide phone.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have many packages lost by the Canada Post. They are doing a horrible job but they demand better benefit and salary? Get real! Today I just lost a package that I bought from the state. It says item had been delivered but I never received it. The guy that I was talking to wasn't even helpful and he sounds very rude. I live in a condo and we have a policy states all packages have to go through concierge which there will be a signature as to who receive it. I asked him who received my package but the guy said there was no signature. I told him if there is no signature then the concierge did not receive it. (I have talked to the concierge to check that too) He kept repeating "the sender did not request for signature" I know that. But there is no way the Canada Post driver delivered the item without the signature of the concierge. In the end he wouldn't open the investigation for me and he said it's the sender responsibility, not me. This is ridiculous!It's Canada Post's responsibility to lost so many packages!!!!!