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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nintendo 3DS preorders

(at the time of this writing 1/26/2011) Canadian 3DS preorders are available from Future Shop, Best Buy, Amazon.ca, & GameStop/EB Games.

I preordered the Cosmo Black 3DS from Future Shop.... but I've decided I want the Aqua Blue one, so I just preordered that one from Best Buy! $250.00 + $30.00 HST.... yikes. $560.00 for two 3DS consoles.... too much for me. I'm planning to cancel the black order, but I don't want to cancel & find out the blue one doesn't come for whatever reason. I'd rather have a black one than none at all...

Either I'm getting one 3DS, or maybe 1 extra to sell on eBay for big $$$$..... or... my nephew is gonna be one lucky kid come this April....


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