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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Google sucks - quit forcing "features" on us!

Awesome, it seems that Google celebrated its 12th birthday by forcing autocomplete upon its users when we try to type in search words.... well, re-forcing upon us, as that's the default that used to be able to be turned off-- which I did as soon as I could.

But the last couple days, the autocomplete turned back on, even though in my settings I have it clearly set to off. It's still set to off, yet it still tries to dump a bunch of useless words on me before I can finish typing the actual word I want. I can't turn off Google's autocomplete.

It's basically this problem, and their "solution" is to use a different URL to access Google. Good going.

Google, you need to smarten up. Why didn't you learn from the wallpaper fiasco which you also forced on us a couple months back where the first thing people searched for was "change Google wallpaper".

[EDIT]: It seems that the autocomplete feature can't be turned off. As quoted from a Google employee in this thread:

" As Autocomplete quality has improved, we felt it was appropriate to have it always on for all of our users."

Always on... for ALL users, regardless of whether we want it or not? Yeah, forcing people to use something... way to be evil, Google....


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