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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Source employees suck so bad

Looking over my post about Future Shop employees, it seems a bit harsh. But I have to say, it sums up about 80% of my Future Shop shopping experiences. The other 20% comes from when I get in, buy what I need & get out as quick as possible... not giving them a chance to talk to me.

Still, compared to shopping at The Source..... that experience makes the Future Shop people look brilliant in comparison. At least the Future Shop people want to help.. or look like they are... or maybe want their commission... whatever. At The Source, they need the customer to not only tell them the price of their product, but to ring it in & bag it for them too. Oh and to find where the bags are.

Last week I bought a couple things: one was a pair of Sony MD- XD200 headphones. I need some big cans, and I thought I'd take a chance on them. So far they're kinda meh.... but that's another topic.

The girl behind the register was a living, breathing cliche of retail clerk half-assery. She even had the sniffles to fully accessorize the lackadaisical attitude. I see the headphones on the rack, grab one take it to the cash.... and I'm waiting... for about 15 minutes-- while the girl is dealing with someone who brought back some defective earbuds & needs a replacement. Fair enough.... I get that you've gotta deal with customers in order. But there were other people working in this store, some were busy talking to people in the aisles or whatever, but I'm not sure if most of them were just floating around or what. Yes the cashier girl was a tool-- but maybe her co-workers could help her out, y'think? Sheesh.

While I'm waiting for her (or anybody) to ring up my headphones, I spot some Wii nunchuks on a rack behind the counter, and there's a price that looks like $14.99. I ask her if that's the price of those, and she looks at the tag & says yes. So I ask her to throw one of those into my order too. But when she gives me the receipt to sign, the nunchuks come out at $24.99.

So that's when a couple other Source tools employees & manager(?) jump in, all of them trying to figure out what's going on. I don't know if it was a misprint or what... the "manager" muttered something about the sale price ending that day. I don't know. It's not like I tried switching the pricetags or something-- I specifically asked HER if that was the price, and she said yes. She then rang it in, and didn't even notice it was $10.00 more than what she saw 1 minute before. But whether it's the right price or what, I think they have to give it to me at that price. I only endured all that 'cause my sister needed another nunchuk for their Wii.... but honestly, after standing there waiting 10-15 minutes I should've just put the headphones back & walked out the door. I wanted to get back in time to watch the Habs game-- I had AN HOUR before it started to get these headphones & get home, and I *still* missed about the first period. What douches.

Fuck 'em, eh.



HerrJeff said...

I think we're getting too used to online stores to endure such process (or lack of) any longer ;-)

Don said...

Tell me about it. It was nice to order some flash drives from Dell, get the shipping confirmation on a Friday & get the package on Tuesday. Nice....


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