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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PSPgo Bluetooth remote on the way

Alright... finally Play-Asia has shipped my order for the PSPgo Bluetooth remote!

It came out on December 24, 2009... what a bizarre release date. One of the first things I did after I came home from China was order it.... Play-Asia is based in Hong Kong; it's ironic that I was in Hong Kong until Dec. 23..... grrrr. Not that Play-Asia has a storefront; I suspect they are purely mail-order only. I doubt I could've found them but maybe I will try if I ever return to Hong Kong (hope so)

So it took about 2 weeks just for the order to ship, and probably another 3 weeks from today for it to arrive.... oh well.

In Hong Kong, I passed by a few Bluetooth headphones.... they were so tempting, but I knew I was gonna buy the official Bluetooth remote so I passed them up. There was a somewhat nice Sony Bluetooth headphone dongle that could have the same functions as this one, but it isn't made for the PSPgo, so I didn't bite on that one. My biggest regret is that I also passed on a Jabra Bluetooth headphone, I think it was this one. I should've gotten it because I think it was only about $85.00 CAD, and the listing on Future Shop/Best Buy has it listed at about twice that price. And I could've used it for my netbook too....

What totally pisses me off about Canada is that there's no end of Bluetooth headSETS. As in, mono speakers for cellphones. But try and find Bluetooth headPHONES as in, listening to music, video, etc. Sheesh. There are very few choices & they're expensive.

It says it's compatible with PSPgo Japan, but I (hope) that it's compatible across all PSPgo models. I'm sure they all use the same Bluetooth standard. In any event, I will do a review once I've had some hands-on time with it. Hope it's not laggy with audio for video playback.

UPDATE: I was looking around the net, and came across this Sony Press Statement that says:

Tokyo, September 24, 2009 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) announced today that it will release Bluetooth® Stereo Head-set Receiver and Converter Cable Adaptor for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)go (PSP-N1000) on December 24, 2009, in Japan, at a recommended retail price of 4,980 yen and 1,980 yen (both including tax), respectively. These peripherals will also become available in North America, Europe/PAL territories and Asian countries and regions beginning January 2010*1.
[bold added by me]

Hmmm. This is the only mention I've come across saying that the Bluetooth remote would be available in North America at all. But it's mid-January 2010 now, and where is it? Still haven't heard any mention of it in this part of the world.


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