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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Ace Combat PSP for 2010?

Oh man... I just reluctantly logged onto Joystiq's PSP fanboy, reluctant because it's really been sucking for the last while. hardly updated, missing PSP news, it's just sad since there's so few places to get PSP news and they clearly have no interest in the platform anymore.

Oh well, this isn't about how much Joystiq sucks for news (a lot) but rather the AWESOME news of a new Ace Combat PSP game in the works! Yes!!! This is honestly the PSP announcement of 2010 for me. This is suddenly my most anticipated game of the year, following 2009's SW Battlefront Elite Squadron.... which I was playing again last night, and felt a bit tired of it, it can just be so clunky-- but I still play it a lot.

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception is one of my top PSP games, I never knew anything about the franchise before playing it, but it's a great fighter combat game. So hopefully Ace Combat Joint Assault will keep all the good things about the previous game.

It does mention that this new game will take place over real world countries, which is a bit odd for Ace Combat. They usually weave a tale of war between fictional countries Leasath & Aureillia, I believe? There's a bit of freedom and fun when you go with the "Metropolis" or "Gotham City" option rather than New York & Los Angeles, you know? Like you can build up a new mythology about these fictional places rather than being tied to what we all know about the real locales.

But the gameplay will be the real star of it. Supposed to come out summer 2010 in Japan, and "sometime in 2010" for U.S.


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