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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long cold winter for games

I can't deny it, this 2008 holiday season is pretty bad if you own a DS, Wii, and especially PSP. Basically all my systems.

The PSP new games drought is somewhat understandable; honestly the system is dying... there are going to be fewer & fewer new games coming out for it. Blame Sony's mismanagement. But there is at least 1 game that came out in Europe & Japan that I *really* want: Loco Roco 2. There's no word on when/if it'll come to North America. If they could publish it in those regions for the holiday 2008 season, *why* wouldn't they publish it here and, you know, capitalise on Xmas sales??? Logic & Sony are 2 things that just don't go together.

But the PSP situation doesn't explain: why is there almost as much a shortage of DS and Wii games, 2 of the top selling consoles??? Especially Wii! You'd think there'd be some strategically-placed, must-have KILLER APP games scheduled for Xmas. But NO. Nothing.

I'm not sure if Nintendo is just counting on selling more copies of already-released product such as Wii Fit (which they will sell tons of) or what. I have to admit, I already have Wii Fit, I've been meaning to post about it, I'll try to do that sometime....

For the DS, I really want to get Kirby Super Star Ultra, I played that recently & it seemed pretty fun.

In a way, a shortage of new release games is good & bad. Maybe not so much good, exactly, more like I can live with it... I bought a lot of games recently mostly because they were cheap, and I've been meaning to cut back for awhile. I still have a backlog of games I haven't even tried yet. I'm thinking that my Xmas is going to be about diving into some of that stash, hopefully it'll be fun. And I'm really trying to make the majority of my games purchases only at discounted prices. Under $20.00 is a sweet spot. $10.00 is usually a deal-maker for me. So there are lots of titles I'm waiting for, hoping they'll reach the sweet spot. Unfortunately, it means I can't buy a lot of games new. So hoping for new games is a bit of a moot point.

But Xmas is the one time of the year where unabashed materialism reigns-- it's all about the shiny shiny & new-- oh sure, there's all that Peace on Earth, and Good Will towards Men crap, but we all know it's all about the stuff. It's depressing that there aren't any killer-app games around this holiday season to look forward to.


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