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Monday, June 6, 2016

War of the Monsters stole my money

Have you ever felt you were cheated out of money? Like someone stole cash from out of your pocket?

That's how I feel about buying War of the Monsters on PSN.

I paid something like $4.00 for it. I know that doesn't sound like a lot. But I was so excited by the concept-- a monster movie brawler that looked fast and cheesy fun. I anticipated getting into it as it was downloading its 1.2 GB game file to my PS3....

But once I started playing, I discovered there aren't any controls. The developers MADE NO CONTROLS for playing the game. At least not any that WORK. Sure, they say the triangle and square buttons are attack, R2 is block, but the controls don't actually do that. At least not unless you're not being attacked or are completely alone on the battleground.

War of the Monsters is a COMPLETE RIP-OFF of a game purchase with absolute SHIT controls. This came from Incognito Studios, the makers of one of my favourite games Twisted Metal: Head On?!?

PSN needs to have a refund option for games that are obvious garbage. It only took 5 minutes to discover this was complete garbage. I feel like it stole my money.


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