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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Telus sucks

Dear Telus: You really suck.

I just got a door to door solicitation from a couple of Telus employees, a woman & a slimy looking guy. They want to know if I use Telus for my phone or internet--- I don't... anymore. Then they want to know how much I pay for my services.

Mistake one: DON'T go to peoples homes and ask them for personal information. That's Grade-A Slimeball.

I should've asked the skeevy guy what HE pays for his service. How is it any of their business?

Then they tell me that they have "upgraded" their service in my area, and will offer me some "good deal".

So then I ask for their rates on paper... and the girl says, "Well, I have to crunch some numbers..."

To which I said, "Ok, goodbye" and promptly slammed the door on their faces.

Mistake Two: DON'T try to play some kind of shell game with customers. Either you have good rates or you don't, it ISN'T about whispering in a hush-hush "Just tell me what you pay, I can undercut the other guy by a little bit"... that's FLEA MARKET bullshit-- it shouldn't be used to try to sell internet/phone service.

That's why, Telus YOU SUCK. Learn to be a professional company, and act properly giving good competitive service & rates. Until then, you deserve to lose business. It's obvious you don't even care that much because of the mountains of $$$ you make from the OTHER skeevy mess that is the mobile phone service business. Don't even get me started on that cesspool that is in DIRE need of some regulation.


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