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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 2010 big loser - PSP

Man... I can't believe what callous neglect everyone is showing the PSP this E3.

The only announcement seems to be:

"that 70 PSP games will be released "between now and December."

That's it. No details on WHAT most of the games will be (besides Patapon 3).... or anything. 70 games *should* sound awesome. But here's where I think that it goes south in a big way:

  • How many of those 70 games are PSP Minis? How many of them are not only PSP Minis, but PORTS of iPhone games or whatnot?

  • How many of those games are movie tie-ins that are put on every console anyway?

  • How many of those games are Japan-exclusive?

What if like 50 of the 70 games are PSP Minis or movie tie-ins? That would be a SUCKY 70 games list, wouldn't it?

Sure, we know that God of War: Ghosts of Sparta is in development, and there may be a few other high profile PSP games as well. But the bulk of that 70? PSP minis, or movie tie-ins... or Japanese exclusives that we'll never see here....

Where's the LIST of those "70 PSP games"? The 3DS has a list of upcoming games at least. Don't just announce "there's 70 PSP games coming kthanxbai".

And not getting any announcement of a PSP2..... that just feels like a REALLY BAD sign. You know the end of the movie Se7en where Morgan Freeman's character is all set to retire, but he can't? That's where I feel like that's where the PSP is right now. A dead horse. But I'm not saying that it's not still a good platform-- I use my PSPgo every day (mostly to watch taped TV shows)-- and there's still some joy in the system playing the best PSP games of the past. Just not anything new.

By not announcing a PSP2, Sony is basically saying that they have no idea how to counter Nintendo's handheld strategy. They have no answer to the 3DS. And looking at some of the upcoming games announced for the 3DS, with titles like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Saint's Row it looks like it's going after the PSP audience, like it's saying, "you few PSPers left out there, we hear you and are ready to absorb you into our fold. We know how abandoned you are, so here are a few morsels of games to bring you over from that dead system to our living one."

I have no idea what a PSP 2 should be like... what should it have that would set it apart from an iPhone or DS? Yes, 2 analogue nubs, great graphics, touchscreen, well-rounded media capabilities. But what would position it to succeed more than the PSP? I don't know.

And it looks like Sony has no idea either.



HerrJeff said...

I agree with you, quite a disappointment. Couldn't they also mention Kingdom Hearts being released in a few months at least?
Last Friday, I noticed the PSP Hannah Montana bundle was on sale for $99.99 at Toys r Us and considered getting it as a backup for my PSP-2000, but why bother? My kids are more likely to enjoy some DS model and I now have a Ipod touch to watch tv and movies on the go.

Don said...

Yeah, that was a good deal, though I'm not all that fond of the colour in person. Also, I personally have way too many PSPs as it is. I think I've put a moratorium on buying any PSPs this generation. But never say never.... ;)

Although, to play devil's advocate, maybe Sony doesn't want to announce a PSP 2 at the same time that Nintendo revealed the 3DS. Or, they might be waiting for Tokyo Game Show in September to announce it/give more info about upcoming PSP games releases.

Plus they just released MGS:Peace Walker, & are all hyped about the new God of War game. Announcing a PSP 2 might be seen to hurt those new releases.

I dunno. I've come to expect the worst from Sony. I think they'll continue to keep the PSP on life support, giving it a few first-party releases to remind people it's still around.... while they take a "sabbatical" from the handheld wars to try to come up with some sort of strategy.

If there's any glimmer of suggestion that a new PSP is on the way, it's the sale you mentioned as well as other PSP console sales, Walmart had the Assassin's Creed bundle at a good price, I've seen the PSPgo on sale for $220.00 & maybe less... there've been a bunch of PSP consoles on sale. I thought that that was a big sign that a new PSP is on the way.... but whether it's an actual PSP 2 or just another minor iteration... who knows. They should just name PSPs by year.


Anonymous said...

How'd it do this year?